Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review (PS4)

Uncharted 4 A Thieves end  offers one thing that other games in the series or other games in general can’t: Emotion. The story focuses on Nathan Drake helping his brother, Sam Drake, to find Captain Avery’s Treasure. As expected, there will be twists and turns throughout the story. The story itself is a cliché, too predictable. But the characters stole the show. Sully is always entertaining, Elena is so sweet, Sam is, yeah Nate’s goofy big brother. The characters made the story believable, enough to keep you hooked up. There are tons of great scenes that will attach you to the characters. Especially scenes between Nathan and Elena.

Gameplay also has been improved, the shooting mechanics are now tighter, can be comparable to the shooting mechanics somewhere in between Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Division. Stealth is also a big part of the gameplay, and FINALLY it now works. While gameplay is improved, there are not much shooting sections. Unlike previous games, Nathan Drake’s body count will be a lot lesser in this one. Most of the gameplay is spent on platforming sections. This is understandable since the developers want to showcase the beauty of the game. Level & mission design also is a big factor in this game. Camera angles make scenes more cinematic, makes you appreciate the view more.

Now that leads to graphics. Uncharted 4’s graphics are some of the best this generation. Considering it as being a 10-15 hour game. We are treated with beautiful vistas, lush forests, wet mud, and old school buildings. As beautiful as the graphics could be, I can’t really say the same for the audio and sound effects. Characters are very well voiced though, Nolan North and Troy Baker headlines as the Drake brothers, and Laura Beiley is in the cast too.

But this game comes with its flaws too. Pacing is an issue. Some areas can be too big filled with nothing. Platforming sections could be tedious at times. Pointless walking and exploration keeps the momentum of the story out of the way. Despite Sam Drake being a great character, Where did he come from? Isn’t Nate the only child? Every time the story puts me with Sam, I’m always confused. Luckily Troy Baker nailed the performance, made him believable. I just wished we should’ve seen more of Elena and Sully, since they were there since day one, more than Sam Drake which came outta nowhere.

Overall, this must be the best Playstation 4 Exclusive to date, and maybe, the best Uncharted Game ever. I recommend this to all gamers. Stop playing COD, Destiny, and Battlefront, get your hands on this game, and experience greatness.unchartedreview.png


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