Dark Souls 3 Review (Xbox One)


REVIEWED ON XB1 / Oct. 3, 2016


Dark Souls 3 is a tough, beautiful, and worthwhile experience. The game offer players a challenge that is fair, wherein you need to use skill, research, exploration, and courage to strive and endure the brutality of what seems to be a difficult and masochistic nightmare. This game is not only a worthy successor, but also the best game in the widely popular series of Dark Souls.


Dark Souls 3 pits you right away with maybe one of the toughest boss fights in the game. Testing your patience, dedication, and your will to go on. The main reward of this game is progression itself. There is no better feeling than the moment you discover and kick down a ladder to unlock a shortcut from the previous bonfire, or exploring a tower only to discover an elevator which rewards you with a Slab. Exploration is rewarding thanks to the overall design of the maps that are very well planned, stellar graphics and very good usage of lighting and textures. Although Souls Veterans say that there are too many bonfires, I believe that this is not a problem and it can attract more gamers ranging from casual to hardcore. But comparing it to the other games in the series, I noticed that Dark Souls 3 is one of the smallest, if not the smallest, designed areas. But still managed to pack all of the different routes, areas, and hidden secrets in a very intelligent way.

AI design from regular enemies are superb. Some enemies are easy to kill, and some are very annoying. The series of Dark Souls provided some of the best boss battles of the past decade, and Dark Souls 3 is no exception. From Giant trees, to aggressive monsters, and hell even a King riding on a Dragon! You will experience some of the best boss fights in recent gaming history in this game. But also it comes with an exception of a few forgettable ones. Musical score also gets the job done. Every boss fight feels like a final boss that you see in some other games.

Dark Souls 3 Video Review


Dark Souls 3 sticked to its core fundamental in gameplay. Strike, Parry, Roll, Dash. It is still the same from the previous entries. Noticeable gameplay tweaks like; added directions for rolling, faster combat that was adapted from BloodBorne, and Weapon Arts which are special skills that are unique to each weapon. It adds a different way of playing, but I didn’t use it that much. Significant amount of weapons, armors, shields are also added in the game. Making class based gameplay more noticeable. If you want to play as a Knight you can do so, if you want to play as a Wizard you can do so, if you want to play as an Assassin you can do so, or maybe you want to play as a hybrid build knight/wizard you can also do it. Freedom of building your character is one of the big reasons why the Dark Souls series is so popular (in customizing your stats I mean). After all these years, the character appearance customization still hasn’t improved. That is why wearing a helmet is always a big help in hiding your ugly character.

The multiplayer has been vastly improved and more approachable for beginners. Covenants still play a big role in PvP matchmaking, but it is not as complicated as it used to be. Also Password Matchmaking makes finding a partner in co-op easier which will ignore the joining player’s level gap and will scale down to the hosts level. This is a very nice feature that we saw in BloodBorne that is now implemented in Dark Souls 3. I can now join with my level 200+ Knight Build character with friends who are just going to start the game.


Overall, Dark Souls 3 offers a rewarding experience and makes players curious enough to keep you hooked up for the rest of the game. I recommend this game to all types of gamers. Casuals who wants to improve their gaming skills. And hardcore gamers who wish to push themselves to the limit. There was never a dull moment in my 4 Playthroughs of Dark Souls 3 that lasted me around 150 hours. And I can’t wait to play the Expansion and to DIE OVER & OVER AGAIN.


  • Exploring/Combat is rewarding
  • Overall design
  • Fair Challenge


  • Some boss fights suck



2 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 Review (Xbox One)

  1. Dave says:

    Nice Review Buddy Only Negative I have About Ds3 is I felt it didn’t have enough challenging bosses and I platinumed it in less than 2 weeks


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