Reaction to the Playstation 4 Pro

The PS4 Pro. To be honest, I am quite disappointed. This has nothing to do about me being an Xbox primary Gamer. But just hear me out. So leaks have been, well leaked, months ago about an updated PS4. 4 teraflop GPU and a slighty overclocked CPU. Opinions were mixed by the time. Then came E3 2016 wherein Microsoft announced not one, but 2 consoles in the event. The Xbox One S which is basically the Xbox One, just slimmer and with 4k features. And the Project Scorpio, the most powerful console ever.

So with that being said, people are expecting Sony to announce their own upgraded console, The Neo. But the neo was a no show.

So speculation came in that maybe they cancelled the Neo to give them time to upgrade, or just canceled it from the show since it wasn’t on par with the power of the Project Scorpio. Both were the effect of the Project Scorpio. And Sony got flanked, BIG TIME.

September 7,2016, at the Playstation Meeting held in New York, Sony announced a slimmer PS4  which will be the new entry level and standard PS4. And Sony finally & officially showed the previously called Neo, The PS4 Pro. And oh boy, people had bad reactions to that device. Including of all, its design was, bad. I mean, I cant really explain how bad it is, looks like 2 PS4s stacked together, lets just say the Vanilla PS4 is still the best looking Playstation ever, and the PS4 Pro is the worst.

Second, the specs, although I get it that the PS4 is the most powerful gaming console out there for a year, but the specs was just not really a big step up. Specially in the CPU department. Not only that, it can’t do Native 4k gaming. But it uses the checkerboard technique for upscaling that was used in Quantum Break, which Playstation gamers previously bashed but now think its amazing. It has no 4K bluray player, which is kinda weird. And finally the event was boring.

All of this could be fine and all. But when you know that the competition(Microsoft) does all of this, but cheaper, and is available now? Then it is a problem. Also knowing that Xbox Project Scorpio will build up on the success and the specs of the Xbox One S. I personally think that the PS4 Pro will not sell as meteorically as the Vanilla PS4. No way.

But I wanna make this clear. If you are a Playstation only gamer, you should not be worried about what Xbox is doing. And vice versa. The PS4 Pro is the best PS4 out there.


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