Ratchet and Clank PS4 Review


REVIEWED ON PS4 Oct. 14, 2016

The Pixar game you always wanted!

Ratchet and Clank is one of the most gorgeous game in the current generation. It’s cute and looks like you’re playing a Pixar movie. The inner child of you just bursts out of you when you play the game. This is only the second game I’ve played in the series and I look forward playing new installments of this reboot


Start of something new

Right off the bat you can say that the game was created to perfection. From the pixar-like graphics and awesome characters. This game will make you be shocked on how beautiful is it. The beautifully rendered cut-scenes paired with great humor from the likes of quark makes it more satisfying when watching these. The game itself is pretty when you are playing it. From the vistas of the city, Snow mountains and in space, the varied locations did make the worlds none repetitive and fun to play with. Flying between planets did have incentives where you can collect back some collectibles that were inaccessible before but now you can because you got an item to make it so. It helps that the enemies are different in different worlds.

The characters itself are great especially the titular duo. The chemistry is great and they work along each other well. I couldn’t stop laughing when quark opens his mouth and spouts jokes and references. The secondary characters were just fine. It’s more of this character will lead you to the next character and so on and so forth. The villain of the game did some good but eventually was just not memorable.


Omnitools of wreckoning

Just like any other Insomiac game we know, Their specialization is their unique and fun weapons. This game is no exception. From the groovitron where you can make enemies dance or a gun that turns your enemies into sheeps, the guns are all creative even the simple ones. You will make sure that you will make use of these weapons as each weapon can provide different results. For example, using the said groovitron and switching to shotgun can make easy kills.



Using Ratchet with all these weapons is great. As for Clank, He plays more of a platforming puzzlers from the mascot era. You grab robots to make them bridges, batteries or jump pads. These are not as fun as Ratchet’s part but still enjoyable in its on right. There are also parts where you fly and shoot with your spaceship. These make for grandiose ship battles and intense dog fights especially towards the end of  game. Mini game-play segments are also present in the game like power sliding, shooting using turrets and others. The sliding sections are some of the best I’ve seen from Insomiac but Sunset Overdrive still has that advantage.


Growing up

The upgrade system is fantastic. You control  what kind of upgrade you want for your gun. From choosing to get more bolts from kills or have a longer blaster range, you can make the weapons fit to your play-style. Materials for upgrading your weapons are not too hard to obtain as bolts and raritanium as you play the game straightforward. It doesn’t involve grinding which is a good thing especially in this type of game.

Boss battles were fun in this game. They make use of what skills and weapons you are currently using to the test and easily one of the games highlights. The difficulty of the game isn’t too high as it leans toward the easy side as it should be.It’s not a bad thing but would highly recommend being on hard mode.

Challenge mode is the New Game + where you can carry over everything you have from the first play-through and make them more powerful as this mode is the only way to make your weapons level more than level 5. This mode is also harder that your first play-through as enemies generally deal more damage and have more health.


The Metropolis of the game. Straight out of Star Wars

The Verdict

Ratchet and Clank is a must-buy. This is one of the best games to come out this year and in this generation. It’s a clever reboot that delivers on almost all cylinders. It’s $40 at launch and as far as I know it is $20 on PSN. Make sure to get this game as the price of admission is very good. Definitely a Game of the year contender for me.



  • Beautiful worlds and characters
  • Great weapons
  • Tight  game-play and story


  • Too easy





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