NBA 2K17 Review (Xbox One)


REVIEWED ON XB1 / Oct. 16, 2016


NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation video game which tries to capture the reality and the atmosphere of NBA & Street Basketball. The NBA 2K series has been the top selling basketball video-game franchise for quite some time now. Not only because there is not much competition, but it is also the best among its class.


Right off the bat, you can easily notice that presentation has been beefed up, with inclusions of more commentators like Chris Webber, Brent “Bones” Barry, Steve Smith, and court side commentators like Doris Burke and David Aldridge. NBA 2KTV also saw improvements. It has interaction features which you can earn VC if you get the trivia correct. Significant changes to gameplay also has been made. You can also knock down deep trey bombs from beyond the three-point arc like what Steph Curry and Damian Lillard do on a regular basis. Layups now have a shot meter, which you must control. This is a welcome feature as it can lessen the cheese whenever players prefer slashing and attacking the rim, but it may not be as noob friendly to players who has no idea how to play basketball. Not only that, but body types is also improved. Players with thin body frames like Kevin Durant, Brandon Ingram, and Jamal “JCrossover” Crawford is noticeable. Seeing Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, and Deandre Jordan with their hulking body physiques. Overall, players are now easily determined without even looking at the name bars below their marker.


NBA 2K17  has a robust set of game modes to offer to the player. You can literally start on any mode. You can create a MyPlayer and take the league by Storm as “Pres” in MyCareer. Luckily this time, the actual story is not as cheesy as Spike Lee’s Joint in NBA 2K16. One bad thing tho is that you cannot skip or simulate games in the season. As if you are forced to play every game in the season. Not retiring as a hall of famer, not reaching my 5th season, with its longevity, I think its a bad thing if a game forces you to play it forever. This applies to all game, not only in NBA 2K17.  And knowing that your progress will not carry over in NBA 2K18, this is gonna piss a lot of gamers.

You can also be a GM and handle all of the financial and roster issues you have on a team. Trying to strategize every roster move, the slightest adjustments in salary caps, and managing training schedules. Play with your friends at the Park or Pro-Am with some of your freshly equipped swag & crazy equipped moves that are exclusive to the Park. Create up to 6 expansion teams created by the community, custom filled with Harambe designed logos and courts, or design a team by yourself and maybe bring back the Seattle Supersonics. MyLeague is my personal favorite game mode as I always wished to create my own team from the start, not unlike in 2K16 wherein you need to relocate and wait for GMs approval before the change happens only after a season. Or you can just collect cards and dominate the competition in MyTeam, the most popular game mode perhaps in sports games(FUT, MyTeam, MUT, etc). You can actually spend hundreds of hours into this game even if you are not a basketball junkie. But you will most definitely want to upgrade your game come 2018 as hype will tone down drastically when you know the next installment is just around the corner.


Since we know that the Xbox Porject Scorpio & Playstation 4 Pro are coming out soon. I want to see an overall graphics update for the series. I feel like I am still playing NBA 2k15 at times because nothing much has changed sinced. The jump from X360/PS3 to X1/PS4 was such a big step up, and I want to experience that all over again. Here is a list on what I want to see for NBA 2K18: Camera Filters for a different style of presentation from different eras of basketball (50’s grainy black & white, etc.), MyCareer that carries over to the next installment. I don’t want to start as a rookie and never be inducted to the hall of fame every single year. Dedicated story mode. Jersey tightness and length, Top 10 Plays, better highlights, and a smoother transition in presentation. These improvements are just suggestion, and does not affect the robustness of the game itself. NBA 2K17 is a champion by default with NBA Live missing in action. Visual Concepts did a masterful job on showcasing the atmosphere of the NBA, but I don’t want them to get lazy, since there is a lot of improvements to make.


Overall, NBA 2K17 is a great game. It can easily take up your time without you knowing it with its robust list of game modes and the amount of animations making the game more organic, and promises that no game will ever be the same at least for a very long significant time. It is also great as a party game since many hoop fans all around the world are just getting crazier and more fond in the sport of basketball.



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