Quantum Break Review (Xbox One)

Quantum Break REVIEW

REVIEWED ON XB1 / Nov 28, 2016


Remedy Entertainment is back with another story driven game in Quantum Break that takes you into a time traveling adventure. Quantum Break is an ambitious title that wants to combine a Video Game and a TV Series to make a brand new experience for an interactive media that we have never seen before.


Graphical Effects are SUPERB


Quantum Break is a third-person, sci-fi, action-adventure, story driven game developed by Remedy Entertainment. Not so surprising since Remedy Entertainment has been doing this since day one. The story of Quantum Break revolves around the main character Jack Joyce, which gained superpowers that can manipulate time after a failed experiment about a time machine. This leads to an encounter to his long time friend, now enemy, Paul Serene, which he needs to stop in order to stop the “End of Time” apocalypse called the “Fracture”.

Quantum Break also features a star-studded cast. Shawn Ashmore , Iceman from the X-men Movies, plays the main protagonist Jack Joyce. Aiden Gillen, Littlefinger in the Game of Thrones series, plays the role of Paul Serene, Jack’s former best friend and the culprit behind Monarch Solutions. Dominic Monaghan as Jack’s brother, William Joyce. And Lance Reddick as Paul’s right hand man and the CEO of Monarch Solutions Martin Hatch. Thanks to the superb graphics, the characters are well acted and the game renders their real-life counterpart really great, and in some points very realistic. The script in the game is very well written, makes characters unique from each other and believable. But this does not come without its issues. Character models during gameplay will look kind of plasticky at some areas. This happens often when characters are really hit by bright lights. Sometimes it really gets weird coming in and out of great cut scenes then you switch back to gameplay. But overall, the graphical presentation of Quantum Break, from effects to textures and animations, is one of the most beautiful games on the console market. Music is also done really well. All feels exact, at the right time and right place. The musical score of the game helps you feel more engaged in battles, and in story moments.

Quantum Break (3).png

Iceman as Timeman


Quantum Break is a Third-Person Shooter fused with superpowers. The shooting mechanics feels almost exactly like Rise of the Tomb Raider, shooting might be a little loose, but with proper sensitivity adjustments, you’re good to go. Also Jack automatically goes into cover when he approaches one. Cover system might be a little clunky at some points, but most of the time it works. So if you like the gameplay mechanics of Rise of the Tomb Raider, well at least for the cover shooting part, then most probably you will also like the gameplay of Quantum Break. Platforming is also present in the game. It feels padded and very basic, that you need not to think very deeply to actually solve the mini puzzles. In a weird way, I think this game could make Quick Time Events cool again.

It is rare that you play a shooter with superpowers, Quantum Break offers a great variety of powers in your disposal. You have Time Dodge, which is used for dashing or maybe closing the distance between you and your enemy. Time vision which is kinda standard for all games, The “Detective vision. Time shield, the most helpful power of em all in my opinion, helps you recover or even block incoming attacks. Time blast which is like an energy ball that hands out significant damages. Time stop freezes a section in the world to stop enemies or your bullets to amplify them. And Time Rush which is like Jack Joyce’s being the Flash in a certain period of time. These time powers come really early in the game, making the game repetitive towards the middle of the game up until the end.

Sadly, Quantum Break only features one game mode. Yes, ONE. And that is the Campaign. It is a bummer since the game is a shooter, you can add different kinds of game modes, like a horde, or maybe a competitive 5 vs 5 game mode. Even if its mediocre, it will still be a welcome addition to the game as it will add more content and maybe squeeze in a couple extra hours of game time. The game also provides little replayability. Choices can be made in junctions and quantum ripples can be collected in the game that may affect the state of the world and the TV series. But these choices are not as meaningful as other games that feature choices.


Superman punch!!


The Hybrid of a TV Series and a Video Game is a concept that many people has been very skeptical about. I can say that I was one that believed it will not work. But fortunately, it turned out to be a success, but still weird. The TV show always come after every act. You will be in a position where you use Paul Serene and will make choices that may affect the current world of your playthrough. These parts are called Junctions. One show lasts up to 22 minutes, which is standard for most TV shows. And surprisingly, it is watchable. It may not have the production value of bigger shows, but it still worth the watch. For some reason, I want Quantum Break Season 2 to be a TV Series, then followed by a game that will conclude the story of Jack Joyce.

The show brings another perspective to the story of Quantum Break, leaning more towards the common people, people with no powers. The TV show focuses more on Liam Burke (Patrick Heusinger) and the characters not really shown much in the video game side. Acting was very solid. Some moments are very cringey, which might turn off some viewers. I wished they could’ve focused more on William, Jack, and Paul more, hell maybe Beth Wilder’s story could be better. But overall, it did a good job and fits very nicely within the game.


Quantum Break is the closest thing we can get from the Matrix


Quantum Break is not for everyone. In a generation where First Person Shooters, Competitive Games are king, Quantum Break does not offer action packed set pieces and no online mode for the majority of gamers to enjoy. But Quantum Break offers what the oversaturated market of shooters don’t, a great narrative, and a unique fusion of a video game and a TV Series.

The game does not offer great content. In fact, this game will only last you for about 8-15 hours depending on the difficulty. It could’ve been sweeter if there are unlockables like a Max Payne, or Alan Wake skin after beating the game in a specific difficulty or time limit, and Achievements tied to it to add more replayability. Quantum Break came with Alan Wake & Alan Wake American Nightmare when you pre-ordered it digitally. It also came with the games for some physical copies. This adds bang for your buck, but still doesn’t extend the content & replayability of the base game. Getting it on sale is probably the best idea ($40 or less).

I want to see Quantum Break continued as a TV Series. And I want to see a Sequel for the game. Remedy Entertainment did a good job on creating the foundation of a good game, but I just don’t think they’re the guys that will unleash its high potential.


  • Great Storytelling, Characters.
  • TV Episodes are surprisingly really good.
  • Powers + Guns = Fun.


  • Inconsistent lighting makes for weird character models.
  • Content & Replayability is limited.
  • Final Boss



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