Nintendo Switch Presentation Impressions

Ready for the Switch!

The Nintendo Switch is now on full hype train (or on derail?). I’ll be focusing on the products instead of the presentation itself as it was cringy. They should have stick to the Nintendo Direct styled announcements.

The Games

One of the major complaints of the predecessor Wii U is that the console didn’t have much third party support. The Switch seems to address that but not on launch day. Skyrim, Rayman Legends and Dragon Quest are all good but the problem is that  these are ports to year old games. The interesting ones were the new project from Square and a new No More Heroes which I really adore.



The first party support is still as strong as ever for nintendo as Super Mario Odyssey looks great as well as the new Splatoon 2. Two games caught my attention. Obviously The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is my most anticipated game for the switch and also the new Xenoblade 2 which its predecessor  was the reason I got a Wii U.

There is no surprise that Zelda was the game of the show as the trailer was magnificent and gives us some idea of what the new zelda is all about. The most surprising fact about it though is that we are finally getting voice acting. We all hope that Link doesn’t get a voice. The graphics now look smoother than ever and the fast paced combat really shines in this trailer.


Another Killer Game for the Switch

The Console

The price and Date was also announced for the Nintendo Switch. It will be launched on March 3, 2017 and will be priced at $300. The Pricing was an alright price. I’d expected the price to be lower as this is basically a handheld. With this price range, you are directly competing with the HD rivals and them having such a great time for sales and games, I doubt that this price will only set the Switch backwards.

The Accessories were also announced and was also priced. These are priced on the wrong side of the table. A joycon(controller of the Switch) will cost about $50 each and on a discounted $80 if you buy the two sides.

The console will feature motion controls for games like 1-2 Switch and Arms which look terrible but are really for the casual audiences. Touch Screen is also included in the pad.


A breath of the wild

Should we switch to Switch?

Overall, The Switch has a bright future but the problem lies near launch date, the console is only having small number of launch titles and too many ports. The announced games were terrific especially No More Heroes and Xenoblade 2. We hope to see more of the new games like Pokemon or other 3rd party support in the future as I am looking forward to the new Nintendo console.


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