Dead Rising 4 Review (Xbox One)

Dead Rising 4 REVIEW

REVIEWED ON XB1 / Jan 15, 2017


Dead Rising is back and better than ever! Dead Rising 4 is the 2nd game in the series where Frank West is the main protagonist(Off the Record was not canonical). Capcom Vancouver made a super fun game that suits the Christmas theme very well.


But first, let me take a selfie


Dead Rising 4 tells the story of Frank West that is now working as a college teacher. His student, Vick Chu convinced Frank to go to Willamette with her to investigate a military compound. Only to find out that the site they went to, is a research facility where zombies are being studied. Frank and Vick were forced to flee the site after they were discovered by the military. Frank West was labeled as a fugitive by the government for the accusation of terrorism. After a few months later, an agent from ZDC, Brad Park, found Frank West to offer him a chance to clear his name and to give exclusive rights to the story for the on going zombie outbreak that happened during the Black Friday Sale in Willamette, Colorado.

Well, this kind of story seems kinda generic, but it is well executed. In fact, the story kept me well interested for the whole 20+ hours of my playthrough. Throughout the campaign, there will be the usual twists and turns that leads into intriguing points. And you can also thank the great casting of the characters, the story was well done and worth finishing. The new voice actor of Frank West seemed to cause a division amongst Dead Rising fans. And I don’t see any reason not to like this new one. Actually, I kinda like him. He sounds like Bas Rutten(MMA) and Michael De Santa(GTA V) combined. Frank’s script was also well written, as well as the other characters. Very humorous and funny at times. There are not plenty of games that made me laugh. But Dead Rising 4 is sure as funny as hell.

Most of the humor comes from the world itself. The story and direction of Dead Rising 4 is serious. But the quirkiness of the costumes, combo weapons like an umbrella gun, and combo vehicles like the kill-o-watt made it funnier. Dressing up as Vega from Street Fighter while slashing through zombies with an Ice Sword is satisfying. And within the campaign, it is only Frank that actually cracks jokes. This chemistry between the world and the protagonist, Frank West, is so good, better than Dead Rising 3 and some other games. The ending of the game is also satisfying, enough to be a true ending. Making me curious on what the true ending is via DLC, and for the future of the Dead Rising series. Hiding the ending behind DLC is not a good way to do video games take note.


Street Fighter!!!


Dead Rising 4 still presents the same gameplay mechanics from the older games. But still managed to improve and streamline it for the common gamers. Gameplay still uses its kill em all type of gameplay wherein you usually kill zombies with one hit. Controls are still tight and easy to adapt to. The game also feels quite faster compared to the previous ones. Crafting of combo weapons and vehicles still remain. Some classic weapons are still in the game like the Sledgesaw, but there are tons of new ones. All of the combo weapons are well customized and are unique and useful in some sort of situation. Also combo vehicles return. But honestly, I feel that these vehicles are not as creative as the ones found in Dead Rising 3. I barely used a combo vehicle during my time on Dead Rising 4 compared to Dead Rising 3, where I always use the RollerHawg and the ShockDozer. The game also features a new inventory system. Instead of having one for all of your equipment ranging from healing items to range weapons, it is now classified into their own categories. Healing items can be used by pressing down on the D-Pad, Ranged weapons has a different weapon wheel and can be used by using the triggers on the controller. Thrown weapons also has its own weapon wheel, can be used by pressing and holding the Left Bumper. And melee weapons can be used by pressing X or Y and have its own weapon wheel.

The world of Dead Rising 4 is pretty damn spectacular. The Willamette Memorial Megaplex is a colorful and a living area. It is a sight to behold. Tons of places to visit and explore. It is a big place though. You can see pirate ships inside, castles, beach settings, and food courts. You start in this place during the campaign. And outside of the mall is where it gets darker. Small town at the south side of the map, which still consists of small shopping centers, and up the north side is the country side. More of fields and farms. The exploration in this game is great. Collecting blueprints, collectibles, taking photos of graffiti tags, and unlocking panic rooms are addicting. And thanks to the very designed map, exploration is made accessible and easy for the player.

But this game doesn’t come without its faults. Technical issues especially on the audio department were obvious. Sometimes you can’t hear the sound FX of the vehicles. It is very annoying at points were you just want to slay zombies on your new ride. Even weapons don’t produce sound at some points. I observed that this happens more frequently when you play the game for several hours straight. I restart the game every now and then just to avoid these glaring issues. Also side missions still remain in your map even after finishing it. Luckily it doesn’t affect the game in a game breaking manner. All can be fixed via an update. But that isn’t an excuse to release a game that is not quite finished.

The developers decided to remove campaign-coop in the game, and it does make sense because of the narrative. But its substitute, Episodic and timed Coop-Multiplayer, is not satisfying, and I could go as far saying that it is not good. Its bad. Boring. You choose a character, from the side characters of the story, and go into missions in Episodic format. Although you can jump into a quick match wherein episodes doesn’t matter, it still doesn’t make sense. You unlock skill points just like in the campaign. Making some sort of progression, but in fact an unnecessary grind for absolutely nothing. And to be completely honest, the game doesn’t even need the Multiplayer component. The idea of this game mode was a complete waste. It can definitely be better with some additions like a Horde mode, customizing your own zombie slayer, or maybe a brand new idea of competitive zombie killing team battles something like what is found in Dead Rising 2. But for now, if you can skip playing multiplayer, then I recommend you to do so.


Why so serious?


Overall, Dead Rising 4’s campaign is worth every minute/money I spent on. Campaign is interesting, intriguing, funny, and satisfying all at the same time. Definitely a must finish. Although the multiplayer portion of this game is not good, it certainly doesn’t affect the quality of the campaign, but instead a waste of some friendly competition potential. I can certainly recommend this game to gamers of all ages. The game is easy for kids to pick up, but adults and experienced gamers may not see that much of a challenge in this game. The Christmas theme certainly made this game a unique but familiar scene and a worthwhile zombie slaying experience


Exo Suit Zero


  • Frank West is amazing
  • Great content
  • Gameplay is so much fun
  • Christmas theme


  • Weak multiplayer
  • Technical issues bothered me
  • Does not present that much of a challenge



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